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Does your website’s content attract potential customers?

With so many online businesses having websites today, it would be crazy not to have a content marketing strategy for your website. The internet is available for people to reach you from all around the world, so it is vital to reach them and serve them with quality content.

With there being so many business websites on the web, it is ultimately your content marketing material that will grab customers the most! If you have a local business, you need to come up with current content that will bring people back to your website again and again.

Here are 10 great blogs for understanding content marketing:


Being one of the most popular websites on the web today, Copyblogger is known for their great articles on how to write dynamic content that will attract new customers. They also include seminars, webinars, eBooks and interactive forums for to use to gain even more insight into how to write great web content. The seminars and eBooks require a small fee to purchase, but for the wealth of information they hold it is worth it.


This website provides articles on how to produce rich content marketing, but it also offers the service of producing it for you. The website includes marketing professionals and insiders who will help you understand just how content marketing works.

The Sparkline (formerly Think Traffic)

The Sparkline writes easy to understand articles about how to keep your business thriving and collecting new customers with content marketing. This website offers a hilariously engaging Podcast as well for listeners to tune in to learn about content marketing, generating traffic for your site, and online business.

Convince and Convert

Don’t miss this one. This website does exactly what its title says it does. It teaches a business owner with a website how to write blog posts that will convert potential buyers into long time customers.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn has done an excellent job building a strong movement of loyal followers through his podcast and blog. He shows you how to grow your business writing strong content. Pat’s insights help you grow your business and build a passive income.

The Sales Lion

Marcus Sheridan teaches businesses to write content marketing that is not only informative to the reader, but also powerful for a business’s marketing strategy. The tips Marcus offers will allow you to grow an empowering message and community around your product or services. He also has a great podcast!

Firepole Marketing

The content of Firepole Marketing is meant to teach business owners to write content about their business that strongly engages readers, inspiring them to be longtime, loyal customers.


This useful website will analyze your site for SEO and viewer attractiveness! You can learn what content you need to put on your site to attract highly qualified leads.

TopRank Blog

As you can tell from the design, this site has been around a while, but it is well known for providing awesome articles. They write on the many ways you can create engaging content for different online sources.

Blog Marketing Academy

David Risely knows his stuff. His blog takes more of a “lessons” approach to how you learn content marketing. He teaches you how to learn content marketing skills that will help you sell more products.

Learn and Apply

These ten are some of the best. They’ll teach you how to engage clients with your site, and have them keep coming back. But this is barely skimming the surface. The internet is flooded with information on how to target your audience and grow your site’s traffic through creating content that serves them.

As a business with an online presence, you must learn how to attract lifelong customers by adding value to their lives through producing quality content on a consistent basis.

Do you know of any other sites along these lines?

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