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This is a project that I recently finished up for a company called My Three Bees, LLC. They have a product that they sell called the Bamboo for Two Nursing cover for pregnant and nursing moms. They wanted an updated look for their website in order to appeal to a more trendy and fashion-conscious audience. Therefore, the overall goal of the site was to incorporate a fresh new design, with a clean and simple layout, keeping a strong focus on marketing the product. Some highlights of this project include:

Navigation Menu

Every website needs a good nav menu and since the site concept is so minimalistic, the main navigation was a great place to add some visual interest. I used a simple CSS background image sprite to create the main functionality, with background positioning and a:hover to create the effect.

jQuery Tooltips

I also implemented the tooltip effect on a few elements to store hidden content that would be revealed on hovering. I used the jQuery UI library from to drive the process. I also used a custom background for the tooltip to add some visual interest.

jQuery Smooth Scroll

On each page there was a “buy now” feature to help encourage visitors to purchase the product. By adding a smooth scroll to a DIV ID, we were able to keep the visitor on the same page eliminating wait time for a page reload and added a neat interaction at the same time.

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