Easy Google Web Fonts


Web fonts are definitely the next big thing in designing for the web. But for those of you just starting with web fonts and learning how they work, the task can be a little daunting. However, have no fear! Google is making web fonts easy. Once again Google has stepped up and created an easy […]

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Fun with web fonts

I stumbled upon these 2 sites and thought they were awesome! Not only are they inspirational, they make great use of typography, web fonts, and texture – 3 of my favorite web design elements. phase2technology amazeelabs

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Intro to Web Fonts

Web fonts are the most revolutionary thing to happen to web typography in years. They allow web designers to choose the most appropriate typefaces for any web page — independent from ‘web safe’ system fonts. It used to be that if you were designing a webpage, you could only pick from a handful of “web […]

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